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Common ordering information

Now that you have decided to order our great CDROM "Airbrush & Bodypainting" for only $29 (+$7 S/H, instead of $79 in stores) let's see how to pay. We accept only payment by credit cards. We handle the following types of credit cards:
  • MasterCard / EuroCard
  • VISA and
  • Diners.
In the case of ordering our CDROM you have to give away your credit card number. And that's exactly why transaction over the Internet is not secure.

Because of that we offer 3 ways to let us know your dates. The first method should be the most secure and the last...the last. Please elect the one you can most agree with.


Possibilities to order

You can order our CD-ROM
  1. by a combination of E-MAIL and Fax
    This is the most secure kind of ordering. How does it work?
    First, please send us an email with "Hand it over" in the subject line. Please let us know your type of credit card followed by the first 8 digits of your credit card number and the exp. date.
    Second, please fax us the last 8 digits of your number in conjunction with your name as it appears on the card and the delivering address. Now you can print out a Fax ordering sheet.

  2. by Fax only
    (perhaps when your E-Mail-Gateway is striking and because it's really difficult to decode black Pixels (far more difficult than ASCII based emails)!

  3. by E-MAIL only
    That's the most simple and fastest way.
    When you think the whole net security thing is way overblown, tell us your details by e-mail. Please type "Hand it over" in the subject of your message and in the bottom type your type and number of credit card along with your shipping address.

We will ship the disc by regular international mail. If you wish to get our CDROM by UPS we have to tack on the shipping charge. Have you ever heard from one occurrence of dealing with credit card numbers stolen by an transaction over the WWW? In case of yes, please let us know.

Regardless of type of your ordering - the main thing is that you order! ;-)
You wouldn't be disappointed by our disc!


"Airbrush & Bodypainting"



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