Body Painting

What is Body Painting?

Bodypainting is a growing art form finding more and more fans. Because of its subtle eroticism IT IS guaranteed TO GAIN ATTENTION. Body Paints have a very short life. Originals can be admired for ONLY a few hours. Because this kind of art is very transient, all pictures are unique! We are impressed again and again WITH how MUCH expressiveness is FOUND in human bodies.

That expressiveness ranges from ballet to pantomime and Body Painting and on to "BodyMusic". We think,that Body Painting is the most expressive form of all. It's the most impressive thing what you can do with a body (not counting LOVE MAKING).


Body Painting and Lifestyle

  • Demi Moore on the cover of Vanity Fair
    Bodypainting is going presentable. We don't know whether Demi Moore made a birthday gift for enjoying herself or her husband. Nevertheless it might be a wonderful picture. Don't you think the same? The cover of the Vanity Fair from 1992 shows Demi Moore with "nothing dressed than paint". We put the (complete) picture in 2 sizes:
    a small one (Demi Moore, GIF, 10x7,5cm, 27kB, from our own server) and
    a big one (Demi Moore, JPEG, 28x21cm, 138kB, from a server in Canada).

  • Body Painting in every situation of life!
    Here we offer a Black And White picture captured from the movie "SEX, DRUGS & DEMOCRACY", 60kB). Attention! Not harmful to young persons!
If you have knowledge from other appearances of Body Paints in movies, the Press or TV stations which you want to see on our site please let us know. Thank you.


CD-ROM "Airbrush & Bodypainting"

This is an incredible compilation of strong body painting works. The CD-ROM Airbrush & Bodypainting holds over 60 pictures relevant to Body Painting on it. Many great ideas are hidden in this unique CD-ROM. The 40 Airbrushes and the Body Paints are free to use. You'll find both thePicture Of The Month as well as a lot of more information about this nice piece here on this site.


Body Painting in Rock and Pop

Meanwhile Body Painting has reaching cultur and art. The place value of this art form is getting higher and higher. Not infrequently Video clips and movies are enriched with Body Paints. There are any screenshots represented in the following thumbnails. With clicking in a thumbnail you will get a little larger picture (with a size of 6-10kB each).
Note: the following pictures are "client image maps" and can be viewed only with an browser with map ability. At this time only Netscape Navigator from 2.01 on will work.
Scenes of Body Painting from "June Afternoon" (Roxette)
"Zombie", an irish tragedy. Strong pictures, strong sound (Cranberries)
"First Love", Body Painting done in a piece of The Gap Band
"Learning To Fly" (The Video is black and white only) from Tom Petty
I'm still standing (Elton John)
"Gold", a "Siegfried" adaption by the Spandau Balett
"Agolo", even more Gold in a nice Song of Angelique Kidjo
"Living On The Edge" from the unique "Aerosmith"
Pictures captured from "Take It On Faith" by Joshua Kadison
Snapshots from the clip "Sweet Thing" by Mick Jagger

Body Painting News Groups

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Links, Links, Links

Nearly 100 Bodypaiting links, most of them with thumbnails.
That's all, what a lot of search engines and me could find...
Compared to 1995, the number of sites relating "Body Painting" has increased with 1400 percent!


"Airbrush & Bodypainting"



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